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I am Andrea, partner and wife of Vincenzo and for the most part, I will be posting on this blog.  Vincenzo will be giving his input as well.  We hope you check back often for behind the scenes insights into the restaurant,  as well as tips on cooking Italian, traveling to Italy and how to curse in Italian.


By vincenzos228148, Jan 13 2017 08:27PM

Wishing all our wonderful customers a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Stay tuned for new dishes, a great wine of the month is currently running with another great value waiting in the wings. Menus will change soon so please let us know if there is any dish in particular you would love to see on the regular menu. And for all the winos, we know who you are, let us know if there is something you are just aching to see on the menu as well.

Mar 2 2019 05:13PM by Patrick Di Concilio

Ate their last night and again my Veal Saltimbocca con Spinaci was fabulous and my wife's ravioli with shrimp was great. And our deserts were fabulous. Wish I could go more often.

Jun 20 2019 04:30PM by Patrick Di Concilio

Since I never received a response to my 5/25 comment about my wife's poor misto dish, we will find someone's establishment for special occasions. too bad after 22 years of partonage.

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