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Serving Cincinnati, OH

Vincenzo's - Italian Restaurant | Cincinnati, OH

When you need great food that's hot and ready to serve, rely on our family-owned and operated team. We are familiar with the area and dedicated to providing you the most enjoyable meal you've ever experienced.


Why settle for chain-restaurants when you can get authentic Italian meals from a chef that was born, raised, and trained, in Italy.

Catered dinner

Whether you're having a huge meeting with your company's CEO or a birthday party for your spouse, we can cater for you and provide entrees, desserts, and more!

  • Penne Campagnola

  • Pollo Piccata

  • Tortellini Tre Formaggi

  • Pollo Parmigiana

Quality Italian Catering

The service was friendly and prompt. The food was great. Good serving size and hot. All at a great price. I would recommend this restaurant for the whole family or a date night.

- Don Schaufus


Trust the team whose experience speaks for itself.


We opened in 1996 with a small 14-table restaurant and expanded to a large facility with catering and private rooms available!

Locally-owned and operated for over 20 years!

If you're having an event at home for your loved ones, don't waste time in the kitchen when you should be enjoying time together! At Vincenzo's, we offer our entire menu in catering sizes for large parties of 15 or more people!

Popular catering options include:

Italian cuisine Italian cuisine Italian cuisine Italian cuisine Private room


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